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Believernomics is a personal and professional development technique that is designed to help individuals and professionals to:

  • raise aspiration

  • set and reach higher personal and professional standards

  • create a powerful brand

  • develop dynamic leadership

  • build confidence

  • increase capacity for innovative thinking

  • increase access to new  opportunities

10 Leadership Lessons fom the Curious Case of Colin Kaepernick

Considered in a historical context, the curious case of Colin Kaepernick is not really that curious at all. For those of a certain generation, history is simply repeating itself..  Double click on the picture icon below to launch the blog.  

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  • 5 Super Senses of Leadership Change-Makers

  • Seven Exceptional Leaders that you Must    


  • Distinction Between the Leadership and

          Management Economies

  • The Seven I's of Innovation


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what is believernomics?

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our areas of expertise

Believernomics brings together over 25 years worth of experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our experience includes:

  • leadership development

  • motivational speaking

  • people management

  • workforce development

  • mentoring

  • culture change

  • organisational design

  • policy development

  • strategic planning

  • performance management

  • social economics


our ideas

Believernomics is based on the core idea that each person is a unique 'economy' and by structuring your 'economy' in the right way, with the right beliefs, you can maximise your social and economic potential.  The believernomics model is based on eight principles as follows:

  • beliefs are your economic stimulus

  • goals are your personal economic objectives

  • standards are your economic model

  • your personal brand is your currency

  • choice creates access to the market-place of opportunity

  • behaviour is the engine of economic productivity

  • opportunity is the market-place that generates supply into your personal economy

  • success is measured variously in terms of rewards, recognition and increased satisfaction 



To find out more about our eight core concepts click on the  introductory slide show below.

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