What we believe

The greatest untapped resource of any individual, society or business is that of discretionary effort. Social and discretionary economics is not about getting people to do things for nothing. Rather, it is a recognition of the fact that, if you enjoy what you are doing, then enthusiasm is its own incentive and satisfaction is its own reward.



What we do

We offer short, medium and longer term consultancy support to help organisations to stimulate their discretionary economy. Our consultancy support includes:


  • bespoke blue-print for organisational redesign

  • discretionary economy modelling

  • design and development of employee rewards framework



    How we do it

    We work with people at all levels of the organisation in order to:


  • identify and harness the centres of social power

  • develop a framework for discretionary leadership

  • develop an organic approach to discretionary leadership

  • identify how to build and sustain discretionary networks  

  • develop 'softer' hierarchical and departmental structures

  • empower discretionary potential that is already there

  • enable them to quantify discretionary value

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