Everyone is an economy


Believernomics is a personal and professional development system, which has been designed on the premise that each person is a unique 'economy'. As such, by structuring your 'economy' and ecosystem in the right way, with the right beliefs, you can maximise your social and economic potential.


Belivernomics is not a programme. The distinguishing feature of a programme is that it works from the outside in. By contrast, Believernomics works from the inside out. As such, we use the capabilities that people already have, in a way that they haven't thought about, to realise the potential that has always been there.


The principles behind Believernomics are simple to understand and easy to put in practice. The key principle is that your beliefs shape the social and economic system within which you live. Your beliefs will affect your approach to accessing opportunity, dictate how accessible opportunity is to you, determine how productive you are and inform how successful you will be.

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Factors that drive growth and recession


In the Believernomics model, a successful or growing personal economy is the sum total of the  attitudes, habits  and behaviours that drive change. Therefore understanding how attitudes, habits and behaviours impact both individually as well as cumulatively, ensures that each individual can make the most of their personal economy. Attributes of a productive  growing economy are self-motivation, good judgement, consistent commitment and relentless effort.


By contrast, an unsuccessful economy will not demonstrate any of the above-factors.  Instead it is likely to be characterised by self-doubt, inconsistency, delayed decision-making and a poor reputation.


The chart below illustrates the characteristics of growth and recession in the Believernomics economic model.

Mapping and mastering your personal economy


A personal economy is a practical and simple way to structure how people think about success and the approach they take to achieve it. Seeing onself as a economy, presents a unique set of challenges and questions, that require each individual to assess whether thier economy, is emerging, growing booming or in recession.


The simple realisation that every economy needs stimulus, provides the starting point for the Believernomics method. The more stimulus generated, the greater the confidence that will flow into and from that economy. Greater confidence and optimism helps to drive economically successful behaviours, which help establish a brand. A strong brand attracts investment, investment creates opportunity and opportunity creates success.

economic table
Growth and Recession Matrix

Growth and recession matrix


As part of the Believernomics model, personal economies are mapped within a four point scale.  The key points on the scale are 'booming and growing', 'emerging and recovering'. stagnating and coasting' and 'contracting and receding'.


Those economies occupying the top and bottom quadrants on the left side of the scale, are either growing and accelerating, or demonstrating potential for continued and sustained growth.  By contrast, those economies occupying the top and bottom quadrants on the right side of the matrix, are eitheir coasting towards recession or are already deep in recession.


The three b's of Believernomics


Within the Believernomics model, three core elements work together to drive an individual's personal economy. They are belief (what you think of yourself), behaviour (what you value) and brand (what others think of you).  A strong belief system is important because it promotes a positive attitude, which is crucial for stimulating a personal economy. A positive attitude triggers productive behaviours, which in turn help to establish a powerful brand.  A strong brand is crucial because it is your currency and attracts investment in your economy. Greater investment promotes growth and accelerated growth leads to success.  


The relationship between the three b's of Believernomics are illustrated in the equation below.


The methodology....

what you believe

affects how you behave

and how you behave affects  

the strength of your brand

and the strength of your brand

affects what you experience