I - the four most influential leadership models
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I -  eight ways to effectively lead from the back
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innovation mousetrap
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"The greatest example of leadership is when those who have everything to offer, be-friend those who have nothing  to give."

I - the 5 As of success
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I - brand establishment
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brand ecurity-will-destroy-your-value
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I - 18 factors that drive influence
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"Without leadership, those who prefer to hear nothing and choose to see nothing, will decide to do nothing."

"The measure of great leadership isn't how it makes you look it's how it makes you feel".

"In leadership the key to success is the ability to turn a useful experience into a defining moment".

"The best evidence of a successful brand isn't what you have to say, it's what they get to see."

"The power of a brand is not about who you can impress, it's about who you can convince."

"Your brand is communicated through your values and your values are communicated through your actions."

"Projecting an image is an expense, but building a brand is an investment."

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I - the seven Is of innovation
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I - the five R's of transformational change
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Plant professional-development
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"With innovation it's not enough to be good at what you do if what you do is not good enough."

"The art of innovation is the ability to anticipate what's coming even when you don't know what's there."

"The key to innovation is to be confident about the things that you know and certain about the things that you don't".

"With innovation, just because you don't compare doesn't mean you can't compete".

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"Sometimes the best opportunity for success is the unintended consequence of change."

"Sometimes to be the change you want, you must first become the change  you need."

"With change, the things that make an impact can be done quickly, but the things that make a difference take time".

"Change happens when you give people something to hope for, something to believe in and a reason to try".

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I - 5 tips for suriving change
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I - five ways to sustain change
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fish Taking-a-Risk
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This page sets out some of our core ideas. The page includes insights as well as links to materials and additional background information.




Core ideas...

leadership drives change

 change is the catalyst for innovation

 innovation is the catalyst for improvement

improvement establishes your brand

your brand is your currency