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the butterfly show

By pa360, Jan 16 2015 06:09AM

Have a look at the picture at the bottom of this blog. A butterfly is such a striking creature isn't it? Those beautiful colours and contrasting patterns are both stunning and impressive. However, it is easy to forget that butterflies are not born. Rather, they become, through a process of transformation from an egg to caterpillar, then to a chrysalis and finally to an adult. The final incarnation into a butterfly is as much a triumph as it is a metamorphosis.

For this butterfly inspired blog, I have highlighted four key learning points that will hopefully motivate, empower and encourage you.

First, do not despise humble beginnings. Everyone starts from somewhere, but a beginning is just that: somewhere to start. Humble beginnings build resilience and resilience strengthens character and strong character will prepare you for opportunity. Be inspired by humble circumstances, but do not let them stand in your way.

Second, see the end from the beginning. Have some aspiration and vision for your future and give some thought to what success will look like for you. Depending on your goal, there may be many stages along the way - get ready for them. Prepare for success or you will be unprepared when it arrives. Don't identify with your circumstances, but rather identify with your aspirations.

Third, be patient. Remember, transformation is not revolution. Personal growth requires learning and with learning comes maturity. The experiences and labours of today, will help prepare you for the opportunities of tomorrow. Sometimes we are over-eager to move on to the next thing, before we have finished the first thing.

Fourth, get ready for change. Make a point of learning something from every new experience. Often, change is necessary to shake us out of our complacency. At other times change happens naturally when we are ready for the next stage of our development. Whenever change happens, keep in mind that whatever you anticipate will not surprise you. Like resilience, change helps to build character, because it challenges us to be agile and adaptable.

Here's the rub; caterpillars don't win beauty contests - butterflies do. But you cannot be a butterfly, until you've learnt to be a caterpillar.

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