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so, what does success look like?

By pa360, Jan 7 2015 07:42PM

I like washing plates. There is something particularly satisfying about scrubbing down a pile of dirty dishes, until they are all spotless. Washing dirty dishes is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. But there is a fundamental point that I am trying to make here, which is that we all feel a sense of fulfilment anytime we set a purpose and achieve a goal.

That said, whilst success may give us all a standardised sense of fulfilment, there is no standardised template for what success actually looks like. Success will be different for each of us - for some it will be economic, for others it will be social and for others it will be a mix of both. Similarly, some may define success as several small accomplishments on the road to an ultimately bigger goal or objective. For example, if your end goal is to become chief executive of a business, each of the promotions that take you closer to your end goal, may be just as important as the end goal itself.

A sense of success may also come when we have done the best that we possibly can, irrespective of whether we achieve our end goal or not. In other words you may not achieve what you set out to in the beginning, but you may feel a sense of accomplishment because where you end up is better than where you started.

Then there are those especially satisfying moments, when we see succeed against the odds - in spite of not because of, our circumstances. However, it is perhaps, only when we are able to recognise ourselves in the achievements of others that we experience the greatest fulfilment from success. For example, when a hard-working colleague achieves a well deserved promotion (especially a promotion that we wanted for ourselves). At such a moment we come to realise that success is not just for the individual, but rather success is for society as whole.

Whether or not you achieve success, you first have to know what success looks like for you. To do so you have to define your beliefs, set goals, establish standards and organise your behaviour around them. If your plan is to stumble through life, without a clear goal then it is harder to focus and concentrate your effort. If you cannot focus and concentrate your effort, you are more likely to find that your 'successes' are not really your own, bur rather they are the products of other peoples charity.

Surely, that cannot be success?

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