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one small step for man...

By pa360, Jan 11 2015 08:23AM

Putting a man on the moon was a truly extraordinary achievement wasn't it? I am no physicist, therefore the practicalities of such an accomplishment are well beyond me. But to coin a phrase, you do not need to be a 'rocket scientist' to appreciate the mind-boggling scale and complexity of what a group of brilliant academics and courageous volunteers were able to achieve back in July 1969. Indeed, it is when you consider the wider context of significant risk to life, uncertainty of outcome and damage to national prestige, that you realise that the moon-landing was not just a triumph of science, it was also a triumph over adversity.

That is belief for you. Dare to believe and you open up the possibility of seeing the impossible. In the face of belief, insurmountable barriers become hurdles, risks become opportunities and fear becomes faith. Some of the most extraordinary achievements in the fields of medicine, science, technology and wider human endeavour have come about because people had the audacity to believe that such things were possible. Energised by their belief, they organised themselves, and like-minded others, to do what no-one thought possible.

If you can conceive you can believe and if you can believe you can also achieve. In believernomics, your belief generates the dynamic energy for what you conceive (in your thoughts) to be achieved (through your actions). If you conceive of something, but upon contemplation, conclude that it is unachievable, the prospect of success dies at the conception stage. By contrast, once your belief accords with what you conceive, your thinking, attitudes and behaviour become energised and you arrange yourself in line with your beliefs. You are then able to focus and target effort towards the goal and objective that you want to achieve. This is why belief is 'dynamic', it invigorates us, gets things going and gets things done.

To create a default for success, you need to organise your thought-life and stop crowding out solutions to your problems. Of course, when you step up to the plate some will say you are delusional. Others will tell you that the risks far outweigh the rewards. But do you know what? Life has a certain predictability about it: if you do nothing, you will achieve nothing.

Indeed, I think it was Nelson Mandela who once crisply observed: "It is impossible, until it is done".

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