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inspire, empower and transform

By pa360, Mar 8 2015 10:14AM

Aspiration and a clear vision are crucial to a person's success. After all, if you don't know what you want to achieve in life, how will you be able to organise your effort in order to achieve it? Aspiration is very similar, but not quite the same as a vision. I once read a very simplistic definition of the two, which described aspiration as what we want to achieve and vision as how we want to achieve it. Like I said, that is a very simplistic but easy way to describe both of these concepts. In reality however, once you know what you want to achieve (aspiration) and have a broad idea of how you want to achieve it (vision) you actually need a strategy to help you get there, but that's a subject for another blog.

The wonderful thing about aspiration and vision is that once they come together they often create a third thing which is inspiration. I often think of inspiration as being like the explosion that occurs when a source of combustion (aspiration) is brought into contact with a source of ignition (vision). It is essentially the "kaboom" effect that empowers us to keep going even in the most adverse of conditions and to come up with unique solutions to the most complex of problems.

As noted, inspiration is useful because it empowers. To be empowered is to be enabled, strengthened and fortified. Empowerment is more than just the knowledge and understanding of how something is to be done, it is also having the confidence to do it. An empowered person is therefore able to navigate their way around seemingly insurmountable obstacles and sees every new challenge (no matter how daunting) as an opportunity. In a nutshell an empowered person can do all that a disempowered person cannot do.

So far we have dealt with the unique relationship between inspiration and empowerment, but what about transformation? Well my recent blog 'making transformation happen' is entirely devoted to that subject and I would encourage you read it as a companion article to this. But essentially, the purpose and effect of transformation is to bring about change so fundamental, that a situation becomes unrecognisable to what it was before. Through transformation, we don't just create new beginnings, we create new possibilities, new opportunities and new futures.

Bringing about change can often be long, painstaking and challenging. But when you have an aspiration and a clear vision, you will be inspired and empowered to transform your circumstances and bring that change about.

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