about believernomics

Believernomics is a concept developed  and designed by pa360media.  The aim of believernomics is to enable people to fully maximise their social and economic potential.


Believernomics builds upon  practical learning and experience  gained from  25 years of public, private and voluntary sector employment;  as well as a wide range of skills gained  in senior public sector management, workforce development, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement .


The ideas behind believernomics are  simple to understand and  easy to put in practice. The core idea is that your beliefs shape the social and economic system within which you live. Your beliefs will affect your approach to accessing opportunity, dictate how accessible opportunity is to you, determine how productive you are and inform how successful you will be.


A second core idea behind believernomics is choice. Specifically  what you believe affects the choices that you make. Better choices make for improved life chances, improved quality of life and improved life outcomes.


A third idea is that your personal brand is your currency.  A  strong  brand is able to purchase far more in the free market  of opportunity than a weak one.  High brand value is equivalent to high brand wealth. Therefore invest in your brand.

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